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GEMPLER'S Rust Converter,1 qt.

Gempler's Rust Converter, 1 qt. x 1




Gempler's Rust Converter, 1 qt.


Gempler's Rust Converter, 1 qt.


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Chemically converts rust into an inert, black barrier on steel or iron surfaces

Restore your investments without breaking a sweat! Gempler's Rust Converter stops your tools, vehicles, tanks and other implements from further rusting. Simply use a wire brush to remove loose or layered scale and rust, then apply Rust Converter with a paint brush or sponge. Once applied, it functions as a primer and the treated surface is ready to paint with an oil-based paint in 48 hours.

More Gempler's Rust Converter options: One gallon jug (Item # RCG); spray-on aerosol (Item # 127787); sprayable formula (Item # 219651); kits (Item #s 230151 & 230152). Not meant for high heat applications.

  • Versatile: Surface may be left unpainted if not exposed to direct weather elements
  • Easy Cleanup: Environmentally safe, non-flammable and made of an easy cleanup water-based formula
  • Great Coverage: One quart covers up to 125 sq. ft. on a smooth surface - irregular, porous or textured surfaces may require more applications. Apply two coats for optimum coverage
  • Minimal Labor: No sandblasting, heavy scraping or grinding necessary

NOTE: Do not allow Rust Converter to freeze. This product has a nine-month shelf life.