Use nothing but sound waves to keep pests up to 3,500' away

The Bird-X Transonic Animal Repeller repels pests by using “psychoacoustic jamming" with intense, variable pitch, ultrasonic and sonic sound waves. Keeps small animals, including raccoons, skunks, squirrels, bats, rats and mice as well as spiders, fleas, ticks and other flying and crawling insects away. Frequency: 3-40 kHz, 96 dB at 1/2m. Includes AC adapter with cord.

  • Versatile: Works indoors and in semi-enclosed spaces
  • Safe: A chemical-free solution to pest control
  • Low-Cost: A one-time investment that is less expensive to operate than constant chemical purchases
  • Low Power Consumption: Consumes less than 5W of power


  • Manufacturer #: TX-PRO
  • Form: Repeller
  • Coverage: 3,500 sq. ft.
  • Repels: Rodents, Bats, Spiders

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