An easy fix for removing mud and dirt from shoes and work boots

This Deluxe Boot and Shoe Brush with Scraper tackles mud and dirt like a champ! And, cleaning your footwear has never been easier: simply secure the unit with one foot while you clean the other. Or, secure the unit through the anchor holes provided. Replacement brush (Item # G2901) sold separately. NOTE: The base of this brush is a black color.

  • Requires No Bending: Simply flip the brushes with your toe to expose the steel scraper bar that removes mud and other debris from the sole and instep
  • Works On All Footwear: Two 11"L x 6"W V-shaped contour brushes clean all types of footwear, from garden clogs to work boots
  • Sturdy Construction: Brush contains more than 100 square inches of heavy-duty plastic bristles

NOTE: The base of this brush is a black color.


  • Manufacturer #: 40424-14
  • Length: 16"
  • Overall Dimensions: 16"L x 14-3/4"W x 7"H