GEMPLER’S Farm Digestant gets rid of warm weather odors and liquefies manure naturally

GEMPLER’S Farm Digestant is a fast-acting bacteria that cleans up manure pits or lagoons by eating large amounts of waste and reproducing very quickly. By introducing large numbers of these select bacteria into your manure pit on a regular basis, the bacteria will multiply and slowly convert the entire pit into a gigantic culture of "good" bacteria. How much GEMPLER'S Farm Digestant should you use? First determine your pit volume: (length of pit x width of pit x depth of pit = volume in cubic feet.) Then, multiply this volume by the factor of 7.5 gal./cu. ft. to determine gallonage. Treatment is based on gallonage as illustrated below. Application Guidelines

  • More Powerful: Our spore-form digestant produces more power per pound compared to liquid digestants
  • Convenient Form: Compared to liquid digestants, our digestant has lower shipping costs and a longer shelf life as long as it is kept dry
  • USDA Approved: It's accepted by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants

NOTE: Neglected pits with large quantities of accumulated solids and/or pits that have chlorine bleach or other disinfectants regularly flushed into them will require heavier treatment programs. Most detergents and cleaners, though, will not affect GEMPLER’S Farm Digestant. Before being introduced to the pit, GEMPLER'S Farm Digestant must be activated by mixing in a bucket of warm water and left to sit for 20 min.


  • Manufacturer #: 5169903

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