Kill rats and mice where they live and travel

Hawk Rat and Mouse Bait Place Pacs quickly and effectively control mice and rats, including warfarin-resistant “super rats." Sold in bucket with 86 place pacs.

  • Effective: Made from human food-grade ingredients so rats and mice really go for it, often killing them in just one feeding
  • Easy to Use: Pre-measured pelleted pacs are easy to place wherever you have a rodent problem
  • Compact: Pacs fit in tight areas where rodents live and travel

NOTE: Not for sale in Alaska, California or Washington state.

Not for sale in Alaska, California, Washington


  • Manufacturer #: 31186
  • Used For: Killing rats and mice
  • Form: Packs
  • Size: 10 lb.
  • Container Type: Pkg. of 86


SDS for Rat and Mouse Bait Place Pacs