Clean up trash and debris without having to bend over or touch unpleasant garbage

Keep your property looking tidy and clean without breaking your back. This durable, 40"L Litter Stick Pickup Tool allows you to quickly and safely pick up trash and debris without bending or having any unsanitary direct contact.

  • Lightweight: Shaft is made from lightweight aluminum for extra durability that's easy to hold
  • Comfortable Grip: The soft rubber grip handle is comfortable to hold for hours of use
  • Versatile Clean-Up- Ideal for picking up paper, wrappers, cardboard and any other type of soft litter that can be punctured by the tempered steel tip


  • Manufacturer #: 1614
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Handle Type: Straight
  • Overall Length: 44-3/4"
  • Type: Litter Stick
  • Handle Length: 40"

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