DOT Reacher™, Non-Locking, Extra-Strong Pick-up Tool

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Rubber pick-up grippers can grasp objects as small as a dime or as heavy as a 5-lb. brick

The DOT Reacher, Non-Locking, Extra-Strong Pick-up Tool lets you quickly and safely clean up highways, golf courses, parks, beaches and lawns. It's also ideal for retrieving objects from hard-to-reach places like high shelves or for sanitary cleanup in restrooms. Tool is non-locking. Replacement rubber cups (Item # 159891) sold separately.

  • Light and Strong: Lightweight aluminum shaft is extremely strong
  • Durable Handle: Pistol-grip handle is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic

NOTE: The handle is included in the length.


  • Manufacturer #: 2523
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Handle Type: Pistol-Grip
  • Overall Length: 23"