Pond Saver

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Naturally clean up outdoor fountains, ponds and small lakes

Pond Saver is a concentrated blend of dry, live beneficial bacteria that quickly consumes nutrients, organic matter and hydrocarbons that feed algae, scum, sludge and foul odors in water. It can clean up the water in any aerated outdoor fountain, pond or small lake used for landscapes, irrigation, drainage and nutrient recycling.

  • Non-toxic: This natural and biodegradable product is non-toxic to humans, animals, fish and pond plants Easy to Use: Apply 3 lb. of Pond Saver per acre-foot of properly aerated water for initial treatment when water temperature exceeds 55°F, then periodically reapply as needed
  • Shelf-stable: The 5-lb. bag has a two-year shelf life

NOTE: 1 acre-foot equals 325,000 gallons of water.

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