ABS housing with fiberglass tape stands up to heavy use

This 300'L fiberglass, double-sided measuring tape is flexible enough to go around corners and over rough terrain while still providing accurate measurements - no temperature correction necessary.

  • Easy to Use: The molded open reel with shovel handle is easy to grasp and ideal for rapid reeling
  • Durable Construction: Crank handle is metal-reinforced for years of use
  • Non-conductive: Tape is non-conducting for electrical hazard protection on all types of jobs with a proven dielectric strength of 200,000 V/M
  • No Twisting: Double-throat rollers guide the 1/2"W blade to prevent twisting
  • Accurate Measurements: Tape is double sided: The white side reads feet and inches in 1/8" increments and the yellow side reads feet, 1/10 foot and 1/100 foot


  • Manufacturer #: OTR-1810-300
  • Blade Width: 1/2"
  • Blade Material: Fiberglass
  • Blade Length: 300'
  • Graduations: Ft./in. 1/8 and Ft. 1/10, 1/100
  • Case Color: Pumpkin
  • Case Material: ABS Plastic
  • Handle Type: Metal Reinforced
  • Printed One Side: No
  • Printed Two Sides: Yes

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