Take control of your tree irrigation with this innovative watering system

The 25-gal. Ooze Tube is an innovative tree watering system that allows you to control the drip rate from five days to four weeks. Each 25-gal. unit includes four drip emitter and a wooden stake to secure the tube at the tree location.

  • Promotes Root Growth: Bag gradually decreasing water output as the tube empties: as the tree receives less water, it sends out "feeder" roots attempting to get more
  • Great for Any Trees: Ideal for trees with trunk up to 5" dia.: can be used on any tree, including evergreens, multi-stem and low-branch species
  • Reusable: All units are reusable and easily repairable with common duct tape
  • Capacity: 25-gal. bag


  • Manufacturer #: OTT25G
  • Size: 25 gal.
  • Drain Time: 1 to 4 weeks
  • Tree Diameter: 2" to 5" dia.

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