Tree Watering Stakes supply water right to the tree roots

Innovative Deep Drip™ tree watering stakes aid in the irrigation of trees at the roots and reduce water loss from evaporation and runoff. These hollow PVC stakes are pounded into the ground and can be filled with a garden hose or with a 1/4" drip irrigation hose. Granular or liquid fertilizers may also be sent directly to the roots when irrigating. These tree watering stakes come in three sizes: 14" stake: Ideal for small trees and shrubs with shallow roots like rose bushes and ornamental trees, or for commercial use with trees still in boxes. 24" stake: Perfect for average-sized trees. 36" stake: Ideal for palm trees and other deep-rooted trees.

  • Supply water to drip stakes with a garden hose or 1/4" drip line


  • Manufacturer #: A-DD-14