Refills fertilize roses and flowering shrubs at the root level

Fertilizer Refills help keep your flowering shrubs healthy all season long! 15-25-10 N-P-K rating. 12 units per pack.

Recommended Dosage
For new trees, use 1 refill cartridge for every 2 feet of tree diameter.
For established trees, use 2 cartridges for every 1 inch of trunk diameter.

NOTE: ROSS Root Feeder (Item # , sold separately).

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  • Mess Free: Pre-measured refills don't require mixing
  • Versatile: Works for roses and other flowering shrubs
  • Easy to Use: Place in the chamber of your ROSS Root Feeder and connect to a hose to deliver a perfect balance of nutrients and water


  • Manufacturer #: 13450
  • Nitrogen %: 15
  • Phosphorous %: 25
  • Potassium %: 10
  • Container Size (Liquids): 7.2 oz.
  • Type: Rose and Flowering Shrub
  • Qty./Pkg.: 12
  • Formula: Rose/Flowering Shrub, 15-25-10


SDS for ROSS® Rose/Flowering Shrub Fertilizer Refills