Systemic Insecticide Tree Care Implants

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Take control of a broad range of destructive pests - for use on trees with a trunk diameter of 3" or larger

Acecap Systemic Tree Care Implants implants are 3/8" dia. and begin killing insects and providing protection two to four days after application. Implants are EPA approved for use indoors where foliar sprays and soil systemics cannot be used. Not for use in fruit or nut trees or trees from which syrup is harvested and sold or consumed. Implants should be placed in 4" intervals around the DBH of the tree. Packet contains 25 cartridges.

  • Control A Broad Range Of Pests: Controls a broad range of destructive pests, including the Emerald Ash Borer and a variety of aphids, borers, gypsy moths, tent caterpillars, webworms and bagworms
  • Season-Long Duration- Contains 98.9% Orthene® to provide season-long control, with 12-18 weeks residual in deciduous trees and up to a year in evergreens
  • Easy to Use: No mixing, measuring, or spraying required

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  • Manufacturer #: AC4X25
  • Type: Insecticide


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