Customize the Agratronix 40-Grain, Multi-Language Moisture Tester to your operation by selecting your preferred language and grain scale

The Agratronix 40-Grain, Multi-Language Moisture Tester lets you monitor grain moisture levels to prevent molding during storage or price deductions from grain elevators. Simply select the grain to be tested, fill the test cell, screw on the cap and wait a few seconds for the reading. Automatically compensates for variables due to temperature and averages and stores readings. 9V batteries not included.

  • More Accurate: Unlike most portable grain testers, this tester will read corn up to 40%
  • Easy to Read: Large displays are easy to read and are back-lit for night visibility
  • Adjustable Scales: Scales can be adjusted to match local elevator
  • Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Swedish
  • Versatile Use: Direct readout for over 40 grains


  • Manufacturer #: 08125CSS
  • Type: 40 Grain