An easy way to monitor rainfall and temperature from one location

There’s no need to install a new post for this rain gauge and thermometer combination. It already includes a 48"H metal mounting post for quick installation and removal. Both the thermometer and rain gauge are mounted to the metal post with swivel brackets so they can be turned in any direction. The dual-scale 15" thermometer measures from –40° to 120°F (–40° to 50°C) in bold, easy-to-read numbers. The 12" dual-scale rain gauge measures up to 7-1/2" (190 mm) of rainfall in 1/16" and 0.1mm graduations. The sturdy metal mounting post can be disassembled into three pieces for easy storage.

NOTE: This product can only be shipped via UPS Ground or Truck. It cannot be shipped by air or sea, thus it cannot be sold to persons in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

Requires special handling due to DOT regulations. Additional shipping charges will apply. Cannot be shipped by air.

Not for sale in Alaska, Hawaii


  • Manufacturer #: 3LYK9
  • Temperature Range (C): –40° to 50°C
  • Temperature Range (F): –40° to 120°F
  • Temperature Resolution:


SDS for Post-Mounted 7-1/2"-Capacity Rain Gauge and Thermometer

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