Protect your gardens and flowers from being eaten by troublesome wildlife

Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent is made of a garlic and whole egg formula that produces an offensive scent pesky wildlife want to avoid. This repellent comes in a 1-gal. concentrate with a 10:1 mix ratio that's great for larger areas.

  • Odorless: Dries odorlessly so you aren't repelled
  • Safe: Formula won't harm plants or animals
  • Won't Wash Away: Applications are water-resistant through 4" of rain

Not for sale in Indiana, New Mexico


  • Manufacturer #: HG-70111
  • Form: Concentrate
  • Coverage: 32,000 sq. ft.
  • Size: 1 gal.
  • Ratio for Concentrate: 0.667361111


SDS for Deer and Rabbit Repellent, 1-gal. Concentrate

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