Liquid Fence Snake Repellent, 2-lb. Bottle

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This Liquid Fence Snake Repellent is an easy-to-apply granular formula

Naphthalene-free Liquid Fence Snake Repellent granules provide environmentally safe protection in landscapes, rocky areas, weeds, barnyards and other areas infested by snakes. Mint oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, thyme oil, garlic oil and putrescent egg solid active ingredients irritate and confuse a snake’s sense of smell and taste. This impairs its ability to gather information about its surrounding environment, forcing the snake to look elsewhere to live. Time-release formula has been independently lab tested for effectiveness. 2-lb. bottle. Covers area 1,000 sq. ft. NOTE: Repellency is unique to each individual snake. Results may vary.

NOTE: Not for sale in Alaska, Indiana, New Mexico, US Territories or International.

Not for sale in Alaska, Indiana, New Mexico

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