3-D Predator Coyote Decoy

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Rid your property of messy, disease-carrying geese with this realistic, life-sized, 3-D Predator Coyote Decoy

This 3-D Predator Coyote Decoy offers a safe, humane and efficient solution for geese problems at golf courses, city parks, corporate grounds, homes and more. Should be moved periodically to increase effectiveness. Multiple decoys may be needed for large areas.

  • 360° Coverage: 3-D construction is visible from any angle for maximum geese repelling power
  • Realistic: Decoy also has realistic furry tail that moves in the breeze
  • Weatherproof: Durable body is made of a flexible EVA resin
  • Easy Set-up: Secured to the ground with a sturdy, plastic stake that fastens to the top of the body
  • Dimensions: 37"L x 8"W x 16"H

NOTE: Decoy is rolled up when boxed for shipment. Needs to be set up in direct sunlight for a few hours to return to original shape.


  • Manufacturer #: COYOTE 3-D
  • Repels: Geese, Ducks, Rabbits, Skunks, Rodents
  • Form: Repeller