Protect your garden and yard from snails and slugs

Protect your plants from snails and slugs with this OMRI Listed™ Sluggo slug and snail bait.

  • Safe: Safe for use around domestic animals and wildlife
  • Natural: Active ingredient is 1% iron phosphate, an organic compound that breaks down into fertilizer for your garden or yard
  • Easy to Use: Simply scatter in evenings around plants, and can be used in gardens up to the day of harvest

NOTE: EPA registration number is 67702-3-54705.

Not for sale in Minnesota


  • Manufacturer #: LG 6555
  • Size: 10 lb.
  • Container Type: Bottle
  • Used For: Snail and Slugs


SDS for Monterey Sluggo® Slug and Snail Bait, 10-lb. Bottle

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