Mouse station contains 16 blocks of fast-acting, lethal rodent bait

This mouse station includes (16) 1-oz. blocks of rodenticide with a lethal dose of bromethalin, one of the most efficient active ingredients allowed by the EPA in rodenticides. Kills rodents in as fast as 1-2 days vs. as many as 10-12 days with first-generation anticoagulants. Refillable station is tamper-resistant against children and dogs. For use indoors and out (within 50' of buildings). Meets EPA Tier 1 safety requirements, the highest level of station security and quality.


  • Manufacturer #: 22786
  • Used For: Rodent Control
  • Height: 3-3/4"
  • Length: 6"
  • Width: 2-5/8"


SDS for Tomcat Refillable Mouse Station with 16 Blocks

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