Never before have we seen a mole killer this innovative, effective and simple to use

Thousands of hours of laboratory and field research went into developing this highly effective bait. Never before have we seen a mole bait this innovative and simple to use. Moles consume 80–100% of their body weight daily to fuel their high metabolism. Many companies would have you believe that a mole's diet is similar to that of rats and mice, but this is incorrect. Moles are insectivores. Worms and grubs are their favorite foods. This bait duplicates the optimal size, shape and feel of the real thing, and special enhancers ensure immediate acceptance. A single worm contains a lethal dose of bromethalin, which can kill moles in two days or less. Worm baits are packaged in a box of 12 in six sealed trays of two. Store in a cool place.

Easy to Use: Once active tunnels have been located, place a Mole Killer worm at the bottom of the tunnel. This can be done by poking a finger or dowel through the tunnel ceiling, taking care to disturb the area as little as possible. Once bait is placed, carefully cover the hole with soil so light cannot penetrate the tunnel. Very simple—moles typically die in their tunnel and decompose naturally.

NOTE: Wear gloves when handling. These baits are pesticides and should be handled according to the labeling. EPA registration number is 12455-101-3240. Not for use against star-nosed mole in North Carolina.

  • Fresh Pack: Box contains 12 worms in six sealed trays of two
  • Strong: A single worm contains a lethal dose of Bromethalin which can kill moles the same day
  • Easy to Use: Simply place worms in active tunnels and the moles will find them

NOTE: This is a pesticide and worms should be handled according to the labeling.

Not for sale in Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, New York


  • Manufacturer #: 34310
  • Container Type: Box


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