The uses are limitless for this heavy-duty refillable and reusable Trigger Spray Bottle

From misting a plant to spraying cleaning solutions, this versatile 32-oz. Trigger Spray Bottle is perfect for inside and outside use. Sold in a case of three.

  • Chemical Resistant: Sprayer is made of high-density polyethylene for chemical resistance, making it perfect to use with cleaning solutions
  • Versatile Spray Patterns: The fully adjustable nozzle changes spray pattern from direct jet to a fine mist with a quick turn
  • Convenient Monitoring: Bottles include graduation measurements every 1 oz. and 50mL for solutions that work with precise amounts


  • Manufacturer #: 130296
  • Faceted Pump Type: Trigger
  • Pump Type: Trigger
  • Tank Capacity: 32 oz.
  • Boom Included: No

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