Unlike previous horticulture oils that could be harmful to plant foliage, Year-Round™; spray oil is a lighter-weight oil that can be sprayed on virtually all types of plants throughout the year. Contains 98.8% mineral oil that smothers an insect by blocking its air holes. Does not damage buds, shoots or leaves and can be used on garden plants and fruit trees up to the day of harvest. Mix concentrated oil with water and spray on trees, flowers, ornamentals, houseplants, vegetables or greenhouse crops every seven to 14 days as needed. Also prevents the spread of viruses by aphids and helps control powdery mildew. 1-gal. size makes 100 gal.

NOTE: Cannot be sold or shipped to U.S. Territories or International. EPA registration number is 6218-71.

  • Horticultural oil controls insects without synthetic chemicals
  • 1 gal. concentrate makes 100 gal.


  • Manufacturer #: 120-4
  • Form: Liquid
  • Size: 1 gal.
  • Trap Type: Liquid


SDS for Year-Round Spray Oil -- Gallon Concentrate