This easy-to-use economical container-rinsing tool meets EPA triple-rinsing requirements

The Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle makes cleaning chemical containers easy. It allows for total usage of the chemical and also meets EPA triple-rinsing requirements for proper disposal or recycling of empty chemical containers. Simply attach it to your garden or nurse tank hose. Its sharp point will puncture the side or bottom of plastic or metal containers. Tool consists of two parts: a shut off handle that screws onto hose and a steel hand guard with heat-treated probe/nozzle.

  • Easy to use and economical
  • Attaches to garden or nurse tank hose
  • Sharp point punctures side or bottom of plastic or metal containers
  • Triple-rinse chemical containers in minutes
  • Meets EPA triple-rinsing requirements


  • Manufacturer #: JET RINSE
  • Length: 12"