Rodent bait easily breaks into smaller pieces

This Tomcat Rat and Mouse Bait is for use indoors and out. Sold as a package of four, 1-lb. blocks.

  • Easy to Use: Comes with four 1-lb. blocks that easily break into smaller pieces
  • Effective: Rodents find this bait irresistible
  • Long-Term Control: It works well as a maintenance bait after you’ve knocked out a major infestation and want to keep rodents under control

NOTE: Not for sale in Alaska.

Not for sale in Alaska


  • Manufacturer #: 32465
  • Form: Chunks
  • Qty./Pkg.: 4
  • Repels: Killing rats and mice


SDS for Tomcat® Rat and Mouse Bait, Four 1-lb. Blocks

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