The Harper #94 Heavy-Duty, Plastic Bristle Broom delivers maximum pushing power, making it ideal for street departments, landscapers and greenhouses

The Harper #94 Heavy-duty Plastic Bristle Broom features plastic bristles that are stiff enough to push gravel and other large debris. Broom comes complete with head, steel brace, 60"L handle and iron connector tip.

  • Extremely Durable: Long-wearing, synthetic bristles are resistant to mildew and chemicals
  • Withstands Harsh Liquids: Use around water, chemicals, fuel, spilled oil and other fluids
  • Max. Pushing Power: Bristles are trimmed to 4-1/4"L for maximum pushing power

Oversize item. Additional shipping charges apply.


  • Manufacturer #: HB9424
  • Handle Length: 60"
  • Handle Material: Hardwood
  • Description: Complete Broom
  • Size: 24"