Transfer general purpose chemicals - like acids, acetates, alcohols and phosphates - quickly and easily

This Blue GoatThroat Pump with EPDM Seal features a one-touch flow control that dispenses liquids at a controlled rate to prevent spillage, conserve inventory, and produce precisely measured amounts every time. Pump includes three drum seals, one standoff and four siphon tubes. Remote tap accessory, item number (sold separately) can be used for transferring liquids to remote locations. Imported.

  • Versatile: A few strokes of the piston pressurizes any container from 2-gal. jugs to 55-gal. drums
  • Quick Dispense: Flow can be continuous or adjusted to dispense liquids up to 4.5 gpm depending on viscosity
  • Safety Relief: Automatically relieves pressure at 7 psi
  • Customize to Size: Siphon tubes can easily be cut to length for custom container sizes

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  • Manufacturer #: GT200