Unclog stubborn grease fittings without having to replace them

This unique, 1144 stress-proof steel cleaning tool lets you easily clean clogged grease joints or fittings to take on new grease. The process is simple: Remove the piston from the tool body and fill with a light viscosity oil (such as penetrating oil), bleed off any air and place the tool onto the fitting. Then, tap the piston head with a light hammer until the piston moves down the tool body (which tells you the clog has come free).

Need more options?

  • All-Access Hose: The kit includes a flexible, 4,800 psi hose extension to access hard to reach fittings
  • Dimensions: Kit measures 8-1/2"L and weighs 1.2 lb.

NOTE: This grease joint cleaner comes in a black blow-molded case.


  • Manufacturer #: 7862
  • Type: 2-Pc. Basic Kit
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Description: 2-Pc. Basic Kit

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