Multi-purpose grease for your fleet vehicles

This Valvoline Cerulean Grease helps you keep a variety of equipment in working order. The tacky lithium-complex grease is ideal for disc and other wheel bearings, sleeve and anti-friction bearings, chassis, U-joints and other industrial and fleet applications. Blue in color. 530°F dropping point. 14.1-oz. tube.


  • Manufacturer #: VV70133
  • Size: 14.1 oz.
  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Cerulean Grease
  • Aerosol: No
  • Compliance: NLGI GC-LB
  • Container Type: Cartridge
  • Dropping Point: 530°F
  • Synthetic: No


SDS for Valvoline® Cerulean® Grease

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