Backpack Sprayers
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About Backpack Sprayers

Backpack sprayers are extremely useful in a variety of horticulture and agriculture applications. They're typically used for medium-duty spot spraying of fertilizers and pesticides in home gardens, lawns and small orchards.


Unlike handheld sprayers, backpacks provide the added benefit of not having to carry the sprayer around with you by hand. This is why they are such a popular choice among professional lawn care contractors who are spraying yard after yard, all day long.

How they can vary

  • Wand and/or spray nozzles can vary by design, spray volume and spray pattern
  • Different types of pumps, i.e. piston vs. diaphragm, internal vs. external
  • Some have more durable, metal pump components
  • Some are powered by a battery or gasoline engine
  • Some serve as "misters" which is popular in greenhouse, vineyard and orchard applications where very fine spray particles are needed to provide total plant surface coverage
  • Some serve as blowers and allow for the application of dry particles (dust)

Our Top Pick

4-gal. Sprayer with Santoprene® Piston Cup from Jacto

An outstanding choice for spraying agri-chemicals and most pesticides.

What it is

The Jacto PJ16 4-gal. Backpack Sprayer is just right for spraying agri-chemicals and most pesticides. It comes with a 65"L spray hose, 26"L stainless steel spray wand with an adjustable cone nozzle, fan nozzle.

Why it's the best

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Superior construction eliminates leaks
  • Powerful and requires less hand-pumping
  • Consistent agitation and even distribution
  • Proven customer feedback from the field
  • Great balance of features and price

Common Replacement Parts

Let's face it, parts wear out from time to time. Get more life out of your existing backpack sprayer by shopping our extensive inventory of replacement parts.

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Must-Have Accessories

These popular items will help equip you with everything you need to spray both efficiently and safely, day after day.

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