FELCO Pruners Buyer's Guide

Professional growers, landscapers and gardeners are fiercely loyal to FELCO brand pruning and cutting tools for their precision, durability and ergonomics. Seasoned pros love to brag about how many decades they’ve had their Felco pruner. Learn what sets one FELCO models apart from another and choose which FELCO tools are right for you and your crew.

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Classic Pruners

FELCO’s tried-and-true iconic pruner models include Gemplers’ most popular FELCO style: the FELCO 2 with Free Sharpener. For your first FELCO, a classic pruner is ideal. Due to their robust durability and ambidextrous nature, FELCO classic pruners have long been considered the standard carry of the green industry for a variety of horticultural processionals, from those who don’t prune all-day, every day, to experienced gardeners and landscapers.

Ergonomic Pruners

FELCO started with its iconic designs and took a scientific approach, optimizing them for ergonomics and comfort for their most demanding users without sacrificing durability and cut quality. This ergonomic design helps minimize hand and wrist fatigue even with all-day use. Choose from fixed or rotating handles, right- or left-handed models, and a range of tool sizes to fit your grip perfectly.

Picking and Trimming Snips

Harvesting fruit, flowers or other fine work requires smaller tools that do the job precisely and without damaging surrounding foliage and fruit. These fine pruners are popular among vineyards, orchards for thinning blossoms, as well as fruit and vegetable growers for harvesting delicate produce. Pick up a pair of these types of tools for trimming green or leafy material that would not work as ideally with your hand pruners.

Specific Needs

Gemplers loves that FELCO shares our passion for listening to the voice of the customer. FELCO is known for creating tools that fit specific needs, and their goal is to provide solution-based tools for its users.

Felco Loppers

Felco Loppers

Gemplers’ assortment of Felco loppers are designed with the heavy-duty, professional user in mind. Your hardworking hands will thank you for choosing Felco for all-day, everyday lopping. Engineered for optimum performance that lets the tool do the bulk of the work and designed to be the last loppers you’ll ever buy.

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Felco Electric Pruners

Felco Electric Pruners

Next-level, battery-powered pruning shears with a smartphone app and other innovations.

Take pruning to a new level with FELCO's Power Blade line of electric pruning shears. Vineyards, orchards and other power users love FELCO's innovations that keep you at peak productivity all day long. While battery-powered pruners require an upfront investment, they pay big dividends in labor savings. Choose from several styles offered by Gemplers.

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Felco Parts and Accessories

Felco Parts and Accessories

Felco pruning and cutting tools are built for the long haul, not the landfill. That means you need parts and accessories to enjoy, care for and maintain your tool for decades to come. Gemplers has them.

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