Gemplers Tips and Guides

How to Calibrate a Sprayer

Learn how to calibrate a sprayer to ensure accurate application rates and provide effective pest control.

Suiting Up for Spraying: The Right PPE for the Job

Learn how to stay safe while spraying with the proper gear. Head-to-toe PPE with tips from Jason like how to keep cooler while wearing Tyvek coveralls and how to keep track of when to get new coveralls.

Watch our video to learn about the best time to prune, what tools to use and other helpful tips from a pro.

Proper cuts require good, sharp pruning equipment. Get all your pruning equipment at Gempler’s. Shop from top brands like ARS, Bahco, Corona, Felco, Silky and more.

GopherHawk® Gopher Trap and Mole Trap Product Demo

The GopherHawk is a reusable gopher trap and mole trap that features an above-ground catch indicator that tells you when a gopher or mole has sprung the trap.

How to Properly Inspect, Maintain, Clean & Store Dual Cartridge Respirator

Follow these three steps to lengthen the useful life of your half-mask and full-face dual cartridge reusable respirators and make sure it properly filters air as it’s designed.

6 Reasons to Make a Harper Broom Your Next Broom

For more than 110 years Harper® has been at the forefront of producing American-made cleaning tools. Shop today for Harper brooms, brushes, handles, mops, squeegees and more.

Prevent and Fix Flat Tires from Slow Leaks & Punctures with Ultraseal Tire Sealant

Ultraseal tire sealant you are essentially eliminating flat tires and downtime. Ultraseal tire sealant fixes flat tires caused by slow leaks and tire punctures, and can have a major impact on your business or operations in terms of cost and time savings.

Carhartt Linings

Are you looking for a new Carhartt jacket, but aren't sure what fabrics to choose? Check out Gempler's Carhartt Shell and Lining Guide to learn more!

Bogs Testing Machine

We weren't kidding when we said BOGS Boots are TOUGH!