How to Choose Eye Protection for Pesticide Use

Read the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Section of Your Pesticide Label

This info is usually at the beginning of the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) section.

Not near your label? Click here to look it up!

Choose Safety Eyewear Style Required by Your Pesticide Label

See our top recommendations for each below.

Safety Glasses

with Browguards and Temple Protection


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Must-Have Accessories

These popular items will help equip you with everything you need to spray both efficiently and safely, day after day.

Saw Type Pros Cons

Folding Saws

  • Best for occasional use
  • Takes up the least amount of storage space (Ideal for storing in a tool box, holster or pocket)
  • Ideal for cutting live, green wood
  • Not as good for continuous use
  • Require two hands to open

Hand Saws

  • More durable than folding saws due to the full tang blade
  • Cuts larger branches or logs with less effort
  • Needs to be stored and carried in a scabbard

Pole Saws

  • Reach elevated limbs and into dense undergrowth and foliage easier
  • Heavier poles hold up better when subjected to inadvertent bumps or drops
  • Can be cumbersome to use