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1.5A Automatic Battery Charger

1.5A Automatic Battery Charger x 1




1.5A Automatic Battery Charger


1.5A Automatic Battery Charger

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Ideal for charging seasonal use batteries in show cars, RVs and marine equipment

This charger is designed to keep your vehicle’s battery at full charge even in the harshest environments. An exclusive transformer design delivers breakthrough battery charging performance and efficiency, lower operating temperatures, lower power consumption and longer life. This battery charger features a tough, protective case and heavy-duty clamps making it perfect for seasonal use vehicles such as show cars, RVs, boats, etc. Comes with underhood, permanent mounting kit. Battery connection is battery terminals.

Power: 1.5A at 12V Dimensions: 5"W x 3-1/2"H x 1-3/4"D

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