Waterproof like polyethylene, breathable like canvas

This "super tarp" combines the best traits of polyester and canvas construction into the highest-quality tarp around. This rugged 14.5-oz.polyester/canvas-blend tarp is waterproof like poly and breathable like canvas. That means whatever you're covering is protected from the rain, snow and sun while preventing mildew and damage due to moisture. This tarp is five-sided for a great fit around square equipment or boxes. This five-sided tarp features brass spur grommets approximately 2' apart on all sides that don't rust or tear out like standard grommets.


Standard Polyethylene: - Breathability prevents condensation damage - Stronger than polyethylene of equal weight - Professional canvas appearance - Won't crack in cold - Conforms to shape of object being covered

Treated Canvas: - Completely waterproof - Twice as strong - Nonchemical finish is stain- and odor-free - Won't unravel when stitching breaks or is cut

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  • Manufacturer #: MCB-I02-03
  • Color: Brown
  • Finished Size: 24"W x 24"L x 36"H

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