Perfect for all automotive service or fleet applications

No more raising and lowering your hood to access the battery to jump-start another car. Simply install the 4'L cable on your vehicle’s battery and mount the quick connector through your grill. When you need to jump another car, just plug the jumper cables into grill-mounted quick connector. The 25'L jumper cables have shockproof battery clamps rated at 500A, 4-ga copper cable and a tough Lexan™ plug. This system includes booster cable, 4'L vehicle harness, 25'L jumper cable, protective cap to cover the live plug on your vehicle and mounting hardware. 16 lb. UL approved.


  • Manufacturer #: STC254
  • Cable Length: 25'
  • Cable Gauge: 4
  • Clamp Amps: 500
  • Leads: 4'
  • Polarity Indicator: No