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3/4" Rainmaker Nozzle x 1




3/4" Rainmaker Nozzle


3/4" Rainmaker Nozzle

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3/4" Rainmaker Nozzle is ideal for golf courses, landscapers and nurseries

This professional-grade 3/4" Rainmaker Nozzle is ideal for golf courses, as well as nurseries and landscape irrigation companies.

3/4" size can be converted to 1" with separate adapter, .

  • Precise Application:Designed specifically for syringing and spot-watering putting greens
  • Optimal Coverage:Delivers large, gentle rain-like droplets that fall in a broad fan pattern
  • Efficient Nozzle:Works well on water flow rates from 14.9 gpm at 30 psi to 22.9 gpm at 80 psi
  • Resists Plugging:Nozzle designed to resist plugging with grass clippings, sand, dirt and other debris that often clog conventional hose end nozzles
  • Strong Construction:Made of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel components