The WindMate 300 Wind Meter measures wind speed, accurate humidity, wet bulb and dew point

The WindMate 300 Digital Wind Meter includes both a wind vane and compass to give you 0 to 360° wind direction readings in degrees and compass points. Includes a lanyard, auto shutoff, user-replaceable CR 2032 lithium battery, user-replaceable impeller and tripod fitting. Weighs 3.2 oz. Accuracy Ranges: 0.8 to 89 mph wind speed (current, maximum and average) range with ±3% accuracy -20° to 158°F temperature range with ±1.8°F accuracy -50° to 50°F wind chill range with ±1.8°F accuracy -20° to 158°F dew point range with ±1.8°F accuracy 32° to 100°F wet bulb range with ±3.6°F accuracy 5% to 95% relative humidity range with ±3% accuracy 0 to 360° cross, head and tailwind range with ±1° accuracy

  • Better Accuracy: Unique jackknife case keeps your hand away from the temperature sensor, thereby generating greater accuracy
  • No-Worries Guarantee: Meter comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Dimensions: Measures 3/4"H x 5-1/2"L x 1-3/4"W

Requires special handling due to DOT regulations. Additional shipping charges will apply. Cannot be shipped by air.

Not for sale in Alaska, Hawaii


  • Manufacturer #: WM-300
  • Battery Type: Lithium CR2032
  • Model: 300
  • Battery Life: 400 hr.
  • Display: LCD
  • Wind Speed Accuracy: ±3%
  • Wind Speed Range: 0.8 to 89 mph
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±3.6°F
  • Temperature Range: –20° to 158°F
  • Wind Chill Accuracy: ±3.6°F


SDS for 300 Digital Wind Meter

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