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30"W Purple Tint, Blown Stretch Wrap x 1



30"W Purple Tint, Blown Stretch Wrap

30"W Purple Tint, Blown Stretch Wrap


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This purple tint stretch wrap holds your goods in place when in transit to prevent damage or separation

This high-performance, purple tint stretch wrap lets you see exactly what's on each pallet while providing good puncture resistance, plus superior stretch and cling, for a secure wrap every time. Pkg. of 4 rolls.

  • Protects: Unique hand brake protects your hands from heat friction, allowing you to use a stronger grip and produce the tightest wrap possible
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for securing unstable or heavy loads, protecting shipments that will travel long distances, and keeping stored product from collecting dust
  • Handy: Each roll comes complete with a pair of dispenser handles
  • Dimensions: Measures 1,000'L x 30"W x 80-ga. thick