Controlling nuisance biting flies has never been easier, or more effective

This Biting Fly Trap contains one fiberglass cylinder, two sticky sleeves, one 24"H wooden stake, two large paper clips and two brass-plated paper fasteners. (Item No. 217796) sold separately.

  • Easy to Use: Simply place a Biting Fly Trap every 70-100' around the perimeter you want to protect
  • Attractive to Biting Flies: Biting flies are attracted to the special fiberglass panel when sunlight shines through it, leaving them trapped on the replaceable sticky sleeve
  • Large Capacity: Each fly trap collects up to 5,000 flies before the sticky sleeve needs to be replaced
  • Safe: Requires no poisons, baits or electricity


  • Manufacturer #: BFT197
  • Trap Type: Sticky
  • Coverage: 70' to 100'


SDS for Biting Fly Trap

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