Bond First-Cut Bamboo Stakes

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First-Cut Bamboo Poles provide flexible, durable support that’s perfect for staking trees and plants

Don’t let wimpy stakes damage your young trees and plants. First-Cut Bamboo stakes are up to three times stronger than wooden stakes of comparable diameter.

  • Cut for Strength: This bamboo is first-cut, meaning it is the most durable and flexible section cut from each harvested piece
  • Unbreakable: Contains no knots, cross grains or weak points making it resistant to breaks and splinters
  • Won’t Stain: Natural bamboo contains no dyes to stain

NOTE: These stakes are a natural product and variations in diameter may be seen in each bundle.

NOTE: 5/8" x 7', 1" x 8', 1" x 9' and 1" x 10' are all shipped by motor freight and billed as actual freight.

Oversize item. Additional shipping charges apply.


  • Manufacturer #: N308
  • Material: Bamboo

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