Double-Sided Fly Sticky Trap provides an effective and economical way to control flies in your barns and stables

This Double-Sided Fly Sticky Trap takes care of your fly problem without the use of harmful chemicals or complicated gadgets. Simply hang the trap in your barn or stables - flies are instantly attracted to its fluorescent color. When trap is covered with flies, pull a clean section out like a window shade while rolling up the old catches.

  • Max. Effectiveness: A sex attractant and food bait are added to the glue to make this trap irresistible to flies
  • Dimensions: Measures 24'L x 11"W


  • Manufacturer #: 8CNR3
  • Trap Type: Sticky
  • Size: 24'L x 11"W


SDS for CATCHMASTER 24'L Double-Sided Fly Sticky Trap

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