Cozy Cab Folding Bimini Sunshades

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Folding Bimini Sunshades give you protection from the hot, burning sun to make long days on the tractor more comfortable

Folding Bimini Sunshades are made of tough, acrylic-coated polyester stretched across a lightweight aluminum frame for long-lasting durability. Clamp to roll bars without drilling and fold for easy removal.

NOTE: Folding Bimini Sunshades need to be removed prior to transport. See chart below for size and dimensions. Shade Item No. 220713, 227014 and 227015 fit ROPS with a maximum tilt of 22° forward and 22° rearward.

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  • Manufacturer #: A-11855
  • Manufacturer Number: A-11855
  • Depth: 2" x 2"

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