P100 Compact Nuisance Respirator fits the contours of your face

The P100 Compact Nuisance Odor Respirator is one of the lightest respirators on the market. Ergonomic design provides maximum visibility to wearers and can safely be worn with goggles, helmets and hearing protection. Soft, flexible thermo plastic elastomer facepiece makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods. Hypoallergenic, latex- and silicone-free. Half-mask design. Removes particulates, in addition to low-level odors and gases. Protects against dust particles, metal fumes, mists and nuisance vapors. 99.97% effective. Includes two HESPA® filters. NIOSH approved.

Effective for: woodcutting, lubricant sprays, bacteria/spores, meat and dairy/pet food/fermentation, pollen, flours, mold/spores.

Replacement Nuisance Odor Filters (Item # 228088) and Carrying Case (item # 228094) are available.

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  • Manufacturer #: SPR456
  • Qty./Pkg.: 1
  • NIOSH Approval No.: TC-84A-6950
  • Model No.: SPR456
  • Cartridge Type: P100 with Nuisance Odor
  • Approved For: Dust, Mists and Fumes
  • Mask Type: Half-Mask
  • Cartridges Included: Yes
  • Material: Thermal Plastic Elastomer

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