Safe and gentle on hands

This industrial-strength, liquid hand cleaner is safe to use and gentle on hands because it contains no petroleum solvents and no harsh grit. Gempler's Citra Clean Grit-Free Hand Cleaner also removes odors thanks to an all-natural extract of orange peels. Blended with natural lanolin and other conditioning and soothing agents to be gentle on your skin. This grit-free cleanser can be used with or without water and is easy to wipe clean when not using water. One-gallon container inverts to fit most standard wall mount dispensers. Dispenser Pump Included. Optional accessories are sold separately: steel wall rack (Item # FP) which stores 1-gal. Citra Clean Grit-Free container at a convenient height.

NOTE: The dispenser pump shown in photo above is not included with 1-gal. container of Citra Clean. Pump is sold separately (Item # 175180).

Not for sale in California


  • Manufacturer #: 4436041
  • Volume: 1 gal.
  • Formula: Lotion
  • Grit: No


SDS for Gempler's Citra Clean Grit-Free Hand Cleaner, 1-gal.