Get a good grip on ice and snow

These ICEtrekkers® Diamond Grip™ Winter Traction Gear fit any shoes and boots to give you a reliable, diamond grip when traveling over ice, snow, gravel, rock and mud. Unisex sizing: S (Men's 5-6, Women's 5-7), M (Men's 6.5-9, Women's 7.5-10), L (Men's 9.5-12.5, Women's 10.5 and up), XL (Men's 13 and up) or 2XL (Men's 13 oversized and up).

  • Increased Traction: Patented “diamond beads" with hundreds of biting edges grip in all directions and are strung on steel aircraft cable
  • Flexible: Grips are riveted to a rubber sling that remains flexible in subzero temperatures
  • Effective: Self-cleaning to eliminate ice and snow buildup and maintain grip
  • Durable: Made of case-hardened steel

NOTE: For uninsulated hiking/work boots, add one size to your shoe size to ensure a proper fit. For oversized/insulated boots, add two sizes to your shoe size to ensure a proper fit.


  • Manufacturer #: 6029
  • Shoe Size: 13+ Oversized
  • Color: Black