Unique design makes cleaning edges and corners easier

This 10"L Bi-level Vehicle Wash Brush allows you to wash edges and corners easier and cover more area than a flat brush.

  • Easy on Surfaces: 2-3/8"L blue, flagged-nylon bristles are easy on paint and other finished surfaces and are staple-set in a foam block
  • Good Water Flow: Wash brush features a threaded, flow-thru handle hole with five channels that allow water to flow along the entire width of the brush
  • What to Use with: Use with a standard threaded handle, item numbers 215133 and 215134 or flow-through handle, item number 221721
  • Length: 10"

NOTE: This brush is not acid-resistant.


  • Manufacturer #: 186-B
  • Parts Diagram Number: 96

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