Mimics a mole's natural food source

Thousands of hours of laboratory and field research went in to developing this highly effective mole poison. Baits are packaged in a box of eight (four sealed trays of two). Store in a cool place.

  • Specialized for Moles: Duplicates the size, shape and feel of worms and grubs, moles' favorite foods
  • Effective: Two grubs contain a lethal dose of Bromethalin, which can kill moles in two days or less, plus special enhancers to ensure immediate acceptance
  • Easy to Use: Simply place the two grubs in active tunnels for moles to find with special enhancers to ensure immediate acceptance

NOTE: This mole bait is a pesticide and should be handled according to the labeling. EPA registration number is 12455-101-3240.

Not for sale in Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, New York


  • Manufacturer #: 34360
  • Container Type: Box


SDS for Mole Killer - Grub Formula

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