This Kimberly-Clark N95 Respirator provides excellent protection when grinding, sanding, sweeping or working other dusty jobs

This is the most comfortable N95 respirator you'll ever wear! The soft, 1"W flexible cloth head straps keep the respirator securely in place, and the dual exhalation valves reduce that "closed in" feeling that comes from wearing other respirators. NIOSH N95 approved. Approval No. TC-84A-4638.

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  • See Clearly: The dual exhalation valves reduce eyewear fogging
  • Super Comfy: The soft foam nose pad has a cloth layer that adds to your comfort
  • Secure Fit: Foam nose pad reduces slipping and provides a nice, secure fit
  • Quantity: Box of 10


  • Manufacturer #: 64260
  • Qty./Pkg.: 10
  • NIOSH Approval No.: TC-84A-4638
  • Exhalation Valve: Yes
  • Filter Class: N95
  • Size: Universal

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