The surefire way to scare off pesky birds from your property

The Bird Gard PRO PLUS Bird Repeller is a "must have" in your pest management arsenal. It provides a wide selection of fully programmable digital bird distress and predator sounds for small applications - such as vineyards and orchards. The system includes a 10'L battery cable with clips.

  • Customizable: System features adjustable volume and custom time delays, such as: day, night, 24-hr. and random operation
  • for Mid-Sized Applications: Designed to cover up to 3 acres
  • Simple to Install: Mounts easily to a pipe or flat surface using the included mounting hardware and bracket
  • Effective Audio Equipment: Unit has two built-in amplifiers and external speakers with a 100'L cable
  • Smart Design: New design has user-replaceable chips
  • Repels Multiple Species: System works on robins, starlings, house finches, ring-billed gulls, grackles, blue Jays and red-winged blackbirds


  • Manufacturer #: 0035-1A
  • Width: 10"
  • Length: 10"
  • Coverage: 3 Acres
  • Height: 12"